Empowering Digital Operations
Are you an innovator…a problem solver?  The information locked in data streams pouring into your factory can transform how you manage operations, solve issues and adapt to change. But managing the implementation of a digital transformation can be challenging.  

  • IT/OT Convergence - Business drivers and new technologies are bringing manufacturing and IT together to connect their environments. Learn how to simplify OT/IT integration for your most critical OT data sources.
  • Powerful IIoT Platform - Can your decision-makers get the answers they need to make timely decisions? Explore how IIoT can transform how you solve issues and adapt to change.
  • Industrial Analytics - Analytics make it easier to derive, scale and act on meaningful insights. See how aggregation and visualization of OT data, drives IT/OT convergence and enables operational excellence.
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) - Production orchestration doesn’t have to be complex! Learn about how FactoryTalk® Analytics with FactoryTalk® ProductionCentre® (MES) can help you be more agile, release new products faster and differentiate against competition.
  • Digital Workforce - Close the skills gap. Make every employee your best employee with analytics-powered, role-based tools that help them perform optimally.
This track is specifically designed for Operations and IT professionals focused on Industrial Digital Transformation.  Are you an innovator…a problem solver?  Learn how to find and produce new, streamlined, disruptive business ideas and create business cases that drive measurable results.  

Create business cases that drive measurable results.  This includes the understanding key areas for improvement, measuring performance and identifying the roadmap to get results!

Strategy Development Sessions

Keynote Presentations

Explore ongoing developments in the roadmap that aim to deliver increased value for process industries to help users benefit from The Connected Enterprise.

Educational Sessions

Now, more than ever, innovation, creativity and agility are paramount for industry. In the DX Strategists track presentations, we want to inspire innovation through shared experiences and community development. We’re bringing together visionaries in industrial digital transformation at this new world-class experience to showcase the power and value of our IT/OT expertise.

Industry Forums

Join us for 60-minute moderated panel discussions where leaders from your specific industry will discuss how they are defining, transforming, and innovating their next. Check out all the offerings for your industry!

Product and Technology Sessions

Product and Technology Sessions

Rockwell Automation and our PartnerNetwork™ bring you the latest products, technologies, solutions and services that can take your digital strategy for operations to the next level. Meet the manufacturing environment of the future.  

The Rockwell Automation Experience

We completely reimagined our Automation Fair exhibits to bring you an experience that is safe, engaging and informative. From the comfort of your own space, you will be able to experience our latest innovations in the newly designed Digital Engineering Hall, Digital Thread Experience and the Products & Technology Showcase.

Hands-on Labs

Get hands-on experience with the latest technology and product enhancements. These interactive training labs cover the portfolio of products from Allen-Bradley, FactoryTalk, and products offered by our PartnerNetwork members.

Hands-on labs will be offered daily, focused on the newest hardware and software technologies.

Hands-on labs are reserved for customers and are limited to two labs per person. Registration for labs is required and cost $99 per lab.