Digital Transformation

Why projects fail, potential best practices, and a roadmap for success

While investments in smart manufacturing are growing by the billions, many companies are finding they lack the leadership, infrastructure and worker skills to successfully implement digital transformation projects. The problem isn’t isolated to heavy industries either: a Gartner study showed that across market segments, 85% of big data projects fail.

How can you plan for such a rapid industry transformation? Explore the resources below to discover best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid when implementing digital transformation across your operations.

Strategies for success

Join Jeff Botsch from our Connected Enterprise Consulting team as he shares how to successfully plan, implement, and sustain digital transformation initiatives. Hear about how we put these ideas into action with a major metals company in North America.

Common digital transformation pitfalls: watch out!

We’ve had the pleasure of helping many clients successfully implement digital projects. Read about some of the common roadblocks we’ve seen over the years and how to avoid them.

Smart decisions today

See how we helped a steel company successfully implement digital transformation.

Six steps for success

When one major mining company underwent digital transformation, it achieved results that would be the envy of most mines. Production increased about 15%. Energy costs went down after ventilation demands were cut in half. And safety was enhanced with autonomous drills that moved workers away from potentially hazardous areas.

Learn the six steps this company, and others experiencing similar success, are taking to implement successful digital transformation initiatives.

Are you ready to make big data work for you? 

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