Is Your Mining Workforce Ready for Digital Transformation?

Learn What Mining Companies Can Do to Prepare

Despite many advancements across the mining industry, companies still face digital-era workforce challenges. The mining industry as we know it is ripe for change, and this change includes the people who make mining work. We’ve conducted research covering workforce trends, mining advancements and how they all converge to shape the industry for the future. Download the study, check out the infographic, read our blog and register for a webinar below.

Join the Digital Transformation Conversation

Rockwell Automation® and ManpowerGroup have teamed up to continue the discussion around preparing a workforce for digital transformation. Join us for a webinar where Rebekah Kowalski, Vice President, Manpower Manufacturing at ManpowerGroup, will discuss workforce trends, digitization and the future of industry.

Mining for Digital Era Talent?

How is digitization creating a shift in the mining industry? And how will these changes effect role requirements of traditional miners? What opportunities does this shift create, and how can mining companies prepare for the challenges that come along with it? These questions and more are answered in our mining workforce study.

Digital Transformation and Mining Workforce Shifts

Technology is changing the way mining companies do business and one of the most impacted areas is the workforce. Read the blog to learn how digital transformation is changing mining roles for the future.

Workforce Numbers Brought to Life

The mining industry is facing major workforce trends. While the workforce is approaching retirement, the industry is struggling to attract new talent to fill these positions. There are more job openings than candidates, meaning companies are competing to attract what talent is available. Where does this leave mining companies? Check out our infographic to see the mining workforce trends.