Process Solutions for Cement Plants

As a cement producer, you face a wide range of unique challenges. Harsh operating environments and complex processes aren’t made easier with disparate systems and lack of real-time information. You're looking to technology to help reduce costs per ton and monitor energy usage all while maintaining high quality and optimizing operations.

Delivering Efficiencies Precisely Where You Need Them

A standard approach to process control reduces engineering risks and is easier to operate, maintain and modify. The PlantPAx® distributed control system is a plant-wide, scalable, secure and information-enabled process solution. Perfect for new installations and DCS migrations, the PlantPAx® DCS provides a modern approach to process control for the cement industry.

Efficient Design and Operation

Our solution for cement plants includes a predefined library of controller code, display elements (global objects) and faceplates to enable fast assembly of large applications. The solutions itself is built on proven strategies, rich functionality and tested performance while incorporating international standards such as color, functionality and symbols.

See What's Possible

Our process solution for the cement industry will help you safeguard your operations and meet economic and performance requirements. These solutions are scalable, flexible, and easy to integrate, helping you to increase productivity, lower costs, reduce energy consumption, and improve safety.